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Friday, January 14, 2011

Combat Veterans Have January 2011 VA Health Care Deadline

If you are a combat veteran (or know someone who was) that was on active duty between 11/11/1989 and 1/28/2003, sign up online for VA veterans health care. By getting it done before the deadline, you'll get in without having to prove you have a "service connected" disability or health problem. Remember, "once in, always in" - get it done now if you qualify.

 Rick Maze of writes that:

Time is running out for about 180,000 combat veterans, most of whom served in Iraq or Afghanistan, to take advantage of streamlined enrollment into the Veterans Affairs Department health care system.
Mr. Maze quotes Philip Mastkovsky of the Veterans Health Administration as saying that even if veterans do not have health problems right now, there is good reason to enroll in the Veterans Affairs (VA) health plan now.  This plan "charges no premiums and requires modest co-payments only when treating veterans for clearly non service-connected reasons."

The biggest reason of all for enrolling when you are not currently facing health problems is that once you're in, you're always in. Maze writes:

The 180,000 affected veterans are among a class of veterans offered no-questions-asked health care from VA following their release from active duty. Initially, they were provided two years of care, but in 2008, when Congress decided to provide five years of post-service VA care to Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, those discharged in the early years of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars were given extra time.
Don't wait! After January 27, 2011, veterans may only enroll in the system if they meet the regular eligibility rules, where you must prove having a a service connected disability or low income. Only 16,000-17,000 of eligible veterans have enrolled so far!After Jan. 27, these veterans can enroll in the VA health system only if they meet regular eligibility rules, such as having a service-connected disability or low income.

You may enroll entirely online right here. If you have questions, call the VA at 877-222-VETS (877-222-8387).

Thank you for your service. For a free guide on Ohio Veteran's Pension Aid and Attendance Benefits, visit
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