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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tips on Selling Your Senior's House

Many seniors are faced with the task of selling their home after they decide to move into a senior-living community. At that point, the question becomes "how can I make this as easy as possible"?

Colleen Krupp, Health Services marketing director for First Community Village in Upper Arlington, Ohio, relayed the the following tips from relocation expert Joe Evans Realty Group:

1) Pack up your personal items so they're out of sight. The people who are considering buying your home are trying to visualize themselves living there. Your personal photos and other items will only distract them.

2) Update your house. If you haven't modernized your home in the last 10 years, it probably won't be received well on the market. Consider eliminating wallpaper, laminate flooring and old bathroom fixtures, to start.

3) Evaluate the market. Take a look at the other similar homes, and take a close look at which ones are selling - and copy that as much as possible.

4) Find the pricepoint. In this down market, you might consider pricing to sell rather than holding on and let months go by without a look.

5) Get an inspection. By showing potential buyers an inspection, you'll move to the top of the heap and buyers will be more comfortable.

6) Be ready to go. If you're flexible as to when the buyers can move in, you'll only make your home more attractive.

Planning ahead is key, and will take a lot of stress out of this process.
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